Media Online Coverage of Mehserle Sentencing

I did this when the verdict came down in the summer time.  So, I’m doing it again now.

I posted about the verdict at 3:11, which means it was known publicly via Twitter around 3:05.  It is now 3:40 and here are five major news sites.  Let’s see if or how they are currently reporting the sentencing, and what, if anything, is considered bigger news right now.

MSNBC: It’s down there at the bottom of the screen, the second story in their smaller, less important section.  Not the top part that is flashy and draws attention.  Not a large red “breaking” sign at the top.  And it says: “Transit cop gets 2 years for fatal shooting”.  Reports on job reports, Pelosi, suicide bombers, and a James Franco movie are highlighted.

CNN: It’s there, on the lower left, the top story in the “Latest News” section.  It says: “Officer sentenced in subway shooting.”  So, unlike MSNBC, there is so no way to know from this title that anyone died.  Pelosi and Haiti are the highlighted stories.

Fox News: At the very top, in a huge red banner, it reads: “BREAKING NEWS: California Transit Officer Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Station Shooting.”  Again, no mention of death.  Or even “Station Manslaughter.”  Something that acknowledges the victim.  But at least it is a large, story at the top.  Below it, the highlighted stories are Pelosi, Al Qeada, Olbermann, and Tea Party Activists.

ABC News: Nothing.  Even when I scroll down their site now, nothing.  You can click on videos about Michael Jackson or dogs, or Canadian lotto winners.  There’s a headlining story about a death penalty case.

CBS News: Nothing.  Not even now.  But you can read about the “NFL’s Top 100 Players of All-Time Debate”.  And see a sneak peek of their “48 Hours” from tonight that is all about a guy who killed two girls.  One of them, the one being pictured, is obviously white.  I’m just saying.

Let’s see what the news reports if or when any kind of violence happens in Oakland.


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