Sexual Harassment Training Shows Women as Problem

In order to work for my university, I have the mandatory training that covers such things as the honor code and ethical behavior.  One topic, of course, is sexual harassment.

While doing said training today (it’s all on the computer – fancy!), I noticed that the only pictures of harassment and the only gendered question during the quiz at the end (which you must do in order to finish training) put the woman as the harasser.  Which is weird, right?

While I seriously appreciate that the training shows that men can be harassed and that women can act as the harassers, the fact that men are NOT shown or referred to as the harassers (except when the slides specifically said that BOTH men and women could be harassers and that they could BOTH harass either men OR women) troubles me.

Statistics show over and over again that women are more likely to be harassed and most likely by men (even in educational spaces).  So, while the other possibilities exist and do happen, it’s not the norm.

I don’t have the answer but it really makes me question why my university chose, then, to highlight only women as harassers in the three instances when one gender was singled out in this training.

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2 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment Training Shows Women as Problem

  1. I was just pissed off about something similar the other day – from a PBS show, no less. Some children’s television show was on, and they were trying to illustrate eavesdropping, so they had a video of girls (more than one portrayed) lurking around listening to conversations. No boys. I started yelling about how THIS IS WHERE GENDER STEREOTYPES COME FROM. And was reminded why I really hate TV. And hate that the boy was watching it.

    Because the wimenz are eeeeevil.

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