Subtle Misogyny: Pelosi vs. Boehner

Sometimes is very hard to explain the sort of sinister way that misogyny works in our society.  When someone does something that is obviously misogynistic, it is easy to dismiss that behavior as individualized instead as part of a systemic problem.

Here’s a good example of the subtle type of systemic misogyny:

Karen Tumulty today tweeted that Pelosi was never on the cover of TIME or Newsweek by herself.  But Boehner (yes, Republican asshole extraordinaire), who is not even yet the House Speaker, is already on them both.

Mediate has a roundup of Boehner’s current covers, that includes both the TIME and Newsweek covers.

Just a reminder: Pelosi was the FIRST EVER FEMALE HOUSE SPEAKER.  That is a big fucking deal, if you ask me.  And still the lady couldn’t get the cover of these two major American political magazines.  WTF?


3 thoughts on “Subtle Misogyny: Pelosi vs. Boehner

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