I am SO excited about the Royal Wedding

Mainly because I can’t wait for the months and months and months of stories like this one from MSNBC that we will have to endure along side reports of high unemployment, inflation, death tolls from the wars we are fighting, etc.

[Image on the left of Kate and William – she is looking at him as he talks.  There is an article titled “Signs point to July for William-Kate wedding.”  I am most interested in the bottom story, which is a link to a video: “Di vs. Kate: Who’s best prepared for princess job?”]

Wow.  So, we are already showing Kate Middleton in DIRECT COMPETITION with the late Princess Diana.  Yes!  Thank you news media for a making a weird-ish cat fight out of nothing.  It’s like there is a disease in our culture where we have to always make the ladies fight each other, even the dead ones.  WTF, MSNBC?

So, I am just going to quote some from the video’s transcript (which you can access by clicking the picture above and then once the video appears, clicking the “transcript” button at the bottom of the screen).  I hope you enjoy this edition of “Di vs. Kate” as much as I do:

Long before her [Kate’s] new role was announced, her comparison to Princess Diana began. […]

Who could forget Princess Diana? […]

The big difference it seems to me that Prince Charles didn’t really know what he was getting into with Princess Diana…. And Prince William knows exactly what he’s getting.

Then MSNBC interviews Martin Brashear:

I think there’s no question that the Princess of Wales’ greatest achievement was as a mother.  He [Prince William] wants his bride to wear that ring.

What Brashear thought of Kate and William’s press conference yesterday:

It was the most extraordinary afternoon of my royal reporting career….  She was there as an equal….  She spoke to the press by herself.

This reporting is so gross.  Kate Middleton appears to simply be a prop, according to the media, of both the media and the Royal family.  She is simply the “bride” or “the thing Prince William is getting”.  Brashear is just so amazed that she is anything but that he has to remark that she actually talked to the press all. by. herself.

Okay, so now I promise not to talk about these Royals anymore if I can help it (they may provoke me).

If you want to read any more, go read Melissa’s post at Shakesville about what it means that we hadn’t heard Kate Middleton speak until yesterday (she wrote this last week BEFORE we had heard her speak).


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