Never Waste a Good Opportunity…

To hate on the gays.  At least that is how groups that work actively to hate gay people seem to think.

From Salon‘s Broadsheet:

Amid recent controversy over airport pat-downs, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality is calling for the Transportation Security Administration to institute some “common-sense, healthy ‘discrimination'” by banning “self-acknowledged homosexuals” from doing security screenings, “so as to avoid [passengers] being put in sexually compromising situations.”

Oh, my favorite adjective: common-sense!  Followed by the best two-word phrase I have read in a long time: “healthy discrimination”!

Tracy Clark-Flory, the author of this post, hits the nail on the head:

It goes without saying that AFTAH is motivated by hate and homophobia, and the group’s press release is dripping with bigotry: “The reality is, most traveling men would not want Barney Frank to pat them down at the airport security checkpoint. Neither would it be fair to assign Ellen DeGeneres to pat down female travelers.” (Way to call out the two homosexuals you know!) This also taps into a shameful history of gay people being shut out of certain professions and treated as though they’re incapable of controlling their rabid desire and acting professionally — whether it’s as a TSA agent or a Boy Scout leader.

She then goes on to raise a good point about why we have the same-sex pat downs to begin with.  After some analysis, she assesses:

If anything, you could argue that our blind reliance on same-sex pat-downs does us a disservice by creating the false impression that the potential for abuse and sexual violation has been removed. The same would of course be true of strictly heterosexual same-sex pat-downs.

This is really interesting.  And scary.  I have been wondering to myself and sometimes out loud this week about why the video of the dude saying “don’t touch my junk” has been a bigger viral video and, therefore, one with more impact, than the video of the 3-year-old girl yelling “don’t touch me!” while being patted down by TSA.  Is it because she is a kid and we can say that it was simply that she was having a toddler meltdown (in an airport – the place that lots of people unabashedly HATE to see kids)?  Or is it, as I imagine it probably is, that she is a girl and he was a dude?

Now, on top of all of this, we have the hate-spewing assholes reminding us that gay people are sexual deviants (it’s the same fucked up shit these people like to say about ending DADT – think about all the gay men who will suddenly start raping the straight guys! or something).

This TSA stuff is a terrible on so many levels.

[Shout out to Mo who sent me the Salon link]


2 thoughts on “Never Waste a Good Opportunity…

  1. Discrimination is a by-product of every law on the books. All someone means when they cry about discrimination is that they would like to impose a different set of values on society.

    If you are going to cry against an anti-homosexual agenda, then you must prove the immorality of the agenda. If you want equality, you must realize that equality means different things to different people. In fact, if there is anything to be called a community and not an agglomeration of hedonists, “rights”, especially new rights, must be considered carefully and rights cannot win everytime. If they win every time, my neighbor becomes my tyrant.

  2. Don’t assume that I don’t realize that people who are anti-gay think equality means something different than I do. I am WELL AWARE of that fact.

    It’s the privileged, the ones who are already benefiting from the way a society works, that feel the need to shut down anyone else advocating on behalf of people whose rights are being denied. What the privileged can’t recognize because they are blinded by their position way up there on the top of the mountain is that they are already the tyrants.

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