TSA Fuckery

Clearly the news right now about the TSA is all about their x-ray machines and their invasive pat downs.  But here’s another story.  This one is about breastmilk.  When my son was 3 months old, I went to Vegas for 24 hours to attend the wedding of one of my best friends.  I decided to try to keep the breastmilk I pumped because the TSA allows you to carry a fair amount with you.  It counts as a medical liquid, they can’t put it through the x-ray machine (it kills the good things in the milk), and they cannot open the bags.

Since I was traveling sans kid but with breastmilk, I was fearful of what would happen when I traveled back to Austin from Vegas.  I did have some trouble.  They didn’t want to put it through the x-ray machine but they did threaten to open the milk in order to swab test it for evil chemicals.  I told them they were allowed, the TSA manager listened to me, and they did an outside test on the bags and let me go.

The giant ice packs that I had – those were NO problem.

So, I really feel for this woman in the video.  Of course, we are taking the video editor’s word when it comes to what actually happened but I believe that this would happen.  And I nearly cried towards the end watching her freak out, having missed her flight, thinking that after everything they were going to toss her milk or ruin it in the x-ray machine.



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