Fat Babies?

This article over at ABC News makes me sad: “Parents Concerned About Babies’ Weight“.

A parent who closely monitors everything their daughter eats, and is happy that their kid is in the 25% for weight and not gaining, said this:

“I don’t want her to have any of the problems that I had: the self-consciousness, health issues,” Hasan said. “I want her to have good self-esteem.”

The irony in that statement is palpable.  A parent who is already actively monitoring their baby’s weight and talking about it in a national news article thinks that this will stop the self-conscious issues for the next generation?  Oh, no.


One thought on “Fat Babies?

  1. This stuff kills me. I see so many parents obsess over their kids’ weight for the purpose of preventing self-esteem problems. But it’s their own negative attitude that causes those problems to begin with! Not to mention the cycle of dieting that leads to . . . weight gain. Talk about counterproductive.

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