Where Else But Glee?

I watch Glee.  I like the music.  But I understand that there are often problems with the way they handle certain topics on the show.  For instance: Bipolar Disorder, problems with their “diverse” casting, really a whole myriad of issues.

But there are good things about it, too.  Here is what Shaker Fannie wrote over at Shakesville in response to that terrible GQ photo shoot about why the show means show so much to people:

The geeks, the losers, the queers, the disabled, the atheists, the dudely jock who likes to sing and dance, the pregnant girl, the teen diva, and the male Asian actor who is supposed to be geeky-cool but who never gets a speaking part in Glee solo. The popularity of Glee has been Revenge of the Nerds all the way and for that reason it has been pretty, dare I say, special to a lot of marginalized people and teenagers in all its campy dorkwad glory.

It’s a mixed bag.  I want to be sensitive to the fact that sometimes Glee sucks at what it does (I HATED when Kurt told Mercedes that she needed a boyfriend because she was eating too much and relying on their friendship too much – that was bullshit and, at least in that episode, Mercedes had no response other than to agree with Kurt.  That made my blood boil and my heart sad).  I’m not trying to push anyone to watch it or in any way excuse the crap stuff on it.  I hope that’s clear.

But the Kurt storyline is fantastic most of the time.  Chris Colfer is amazing all the way around and Mike O’Malley as his father is outstanding.

And so I wrote all of this to get to the point where I link to EW’s exclusive video of Kurt and Blaine (his gay friend) singing the duet, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in next week’s episode.  [NB/TW: Shaker mschicklet at Shakesville pointed out to me that the lyrics of this 1944-penned song are rather triggering and borderline sexual assault-y.  If you want to read them, here’s a link.]

I simply want to ask where else on broadcast TV would we see two gay men flirt their way through such a traditional holiday song?  In this way, at least, Glee blows the doors off any other programming on TV right now.


2 thoughts on “Where Else But Glee?

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’m in love with everything about the Kurt storyline, but I’m not coming from a place where I feel qualified to comment on it. I was hoping to see it talked about more on the blogs I follow, but so far it’s been largely ignored. Mostly I just hear the (valid) complaints about how the different races are portrayed. I’d like to hear more from people in the GLBTQ community regarding Kurt and whether they think his portrayal is accurate, or inaccurate, endearing or offensive.

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