As Seen on Huffington Post

It links to this story.

It was teased this way on the main site:

And by following all these links, I discovered something wonderful today.  The Huffington Post has a section called “Celebrity Body”.  But you know what that actually means, right?  Ladies!  Ladies!  Ladies!

[Three images with the following captions from L to R: “Kathy Griffin Shows Off ‘Starvation’ Bikini Body (PHOTOS)”.  “How Michelle Williams Gained 15 Pounds”.  “Brooke Hogan Dons Bikini, Shares Workout Tips (VIDEO)”.]

[Two images with the following captions: “Natalie Portman Talks Pasta-Heavy Diet, ‘Flexible’ Boyfriend”.  “Mandy Moore: If I Want a Burger, I Eat One”.]

[Four captions.  In upper left, a link to “Jessica Alba Strips for GQ, Laments Post-Baby Body (VIDEO)”.  Then three images with stories: “Mila Kunis On Weighing 95 Pounds: ‘All You Saw Was Bone'”.  “Kelly Osbourne is a Size 2, Cried When She Saw Bikini Photos”.  “WATCH: Gwyneth: I Panicked At Not Working Out, I’m ‘A Lush'”.]

[Three captions: “WATCH: Portia de Rossi: I Once Ate 300 Calories a Day, Weighed 82 Pounds”.  “WATCH: Kendra Chows Down on a Rib”.  “Padma Reveals Extreme Workout Regimen”.]

[Three captions: “Rachael Leigh Cook Talks Weight Gain, Anger Over Photoshop”.  “PHOTO: 112-Pound Kelly Osbourne In A Bikini”.  “Jessica Simpson: I Want Food When I’m Sad”.]

[Four captions: “WATCH: Brooke Hogan Shows Off Weight Loss in a Bikini”.  “WATCH: Kendra Back in a Bikini, Talking Weight Loss”.  “Christina Hendricks Shoots Down Weight Loss Rumours”.  “PHOTO: Alicia Keys Steps Out 1 Month Post-Baby”.]

[Two captions: “How Gwyneth Dropped 20 Pounds This Year”.  “Emma Watson Balances Love of Bagels With Exercise”.]

That’s a whole lot of skinny white ladies letting you know that they don’t eat much but being too thin is gross but seeing pictures of themselves fat makes them cry and when they are sad they eat a lot but then they starve themselves or do extreme workouts and put on bikinis!  But don’t forget – they eat hamburgers, bagels, pasta, and ribs.  And drop 20 pounds in a year, baby weight in a month.  But when they want to gain it back, they can do that, too.  They have control of their bodies!  Sort of.  Unless their emotions or babies get in the way.

(Seriously – on page 1 of this section, only ONE story out of 31 features a dude.  Ricky Gervais.  Who I guess lost 40 pounds.  Well, he and his girlfriend.  He has to share his “celebrity body” spotlight with her).

Oh, Huffington Post.  Restoring dignity to the MSM one exploited female body at a time.


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