Austin = Liberal! Yikes!

As seen on Twitter today:

[Tweeted by politicallogic (aka Joel Palmer): “Verdict: I will transfer to Austin!”]

[Tweeted by lostone65 (aka Tammy): “@politicallogic Did you say Austin?? Yikes, isn’t Auistin (sic) pretty liberal?]

[Tweeted by politicallogic (aka Joel Palmer): “@lostone65 Austin is liberal in so much as the eastside of Seattle is liberal.  In any other place u would call them conservative”]

So, is Austin liberal?  Let’s see if the interwebs can help us figure it out.

According to this guy (don’t click on the link if you can help it because he really doesn’t need any traffic), Austin is full of terrible hippy liberals (this is too funny not to quote):

In Austin, famous for roving bands of crusties who want to borrow a cigarette, have a sip of your beer, need spare change for bus fare, and take full advantage of any federal aid programs, this isn’t unusual. […]

Austin after all is the place where outside a concert a small cloud of hippies, crusties and hipsters were hanging out. Each time a new wave of people came down the street, they started begging. “Anything you got man, just to get into this concert and go home.” When the waves passed, they whipped out their shiny new cellphones and were busy texting each other.

We do have a major university with a college of LIBERAL arts.

Tom DeLay, voice of logic and clarity in the Republican party, believes that we are too liberal here.  And it appears that we are, according to justice-loving, America-can’t-be-wrong-because-it’s-awesome-and-perfect DeLay.  After being found guilty of money laundering by those liberal Austin jurors who were tricked by those liberal Austin attorneys, he said:

A few minutes later, Mr. DeLay said outside the courtroom that he would appeal the decision. He called the prosecution a political vendetta by Democrats in the local district attorney’s office, and revenge for his role in orchestrating the 2003 redrawing of Congressional districts to elect more Republicans.

“This is an abuse of power,” he said. “It’s a miscarriage of justice. I still maintain my innocence. The criminalization of politics undermines our very system.”

So, America isn’t perfect then, I guess.  I wish the conservatives would pick a message and stick with it.  Wait – it would be perfect if the liberals, like those in Austin, would shut up and get out of the way.

Yes, Austin is liberal!  See this (Womanzine!) and this.  No, it’s conservative: this dude or this dude or these college Republicans.

But really, why debate qualitative stuff?  Especially when we have quantitative stuff.

TX Voting by county in 2008 presidential election. Travis County, home to Austin, is big and blue in a large sea of red.

It looks like maybe Texas has become more conservative over time (see this next map from the presidential election of 1996) but Austin, alas, has continued to vote Democratic faithfully:

And back in 2004, when the country decided to back George W. Bush for a second time, good ole’ Austin stood its liberal ground (I don’t know why this map has blue and red backwards, but it does.  That blaring red county in the middle of the state – that is Austin):

I almost want to start following @politicallogic on Twitter just to see what he thinks of Austin.  In case he needs help finding friends when he gets here, we do have a Tea Party.  We also love Leslie, so one may cancel the other out.  Which reminds me, if you would like a nice Austin-themed gift to give your loved ones this holiday season, make sure to get Leslie Dress-Up Magnets.  They are sold by several local merchants including Cafe Caffeine located at 909 West Mary Street Austin, TX 78704.


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