Obama’s Looking for Consensus

Unfortunately, he’s the only one.

That’s the problem with how Republicans “compromise.”  When Obama won a victory landslide in 2008, their response was to not participate anymore in an active government, sit in the corner with their arms crossed and their bottoms lips out, and shout “No!” at EVERYTHING.  But when they took back the House last month, the conversation became, “We won so now the Democrats must compromise on their principles and bow down to what we want.  Meh!”  I don’t get that logic.

But Obama refuses to give up on the idea of compromise:

President Obama just told an audience in Winston-Salem, N.C., that in the debate over soon-to-expire Bush-era tax cuts, “we’ve got to make sure that we’re coming up with a solution … even if it’s not 100 percent of what I want or what the Republicans want.”

“We’ve got to find consensus here,” he said.

And here is how this “compromise” is playing out:

The deal that seems to be emerging: Extend the tax cuts for everyone (the Republicans’ preference) for a couple years; and extend jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed (a priority for the president).

Come on, Democrats!  FFS.

The problem here is that the Democrats give a shit about people and their ability to eat and pay the electric bill and, you know, not go homeless.  Whereas Republicans are totally willing to give those things up if it means keeping their love of rich people in tact.  So, Democrats, of course, are going to compromise because they are on the side of the people who actually need the help.  If they fail in their compromise, actual people will have actual terrible consequences that take place in their lives almost immediately.  Their stakes are too damn high.  If the Republicans fail in their compromise, their donors’ pocketbooks will be hurt and they will be sad.

So, the Democrats, needing the Republicans to do the right thing by the American people, go along with this childish bullshit once again.  In the end, at least unemployed Americans will get what they need for their survival (or, I guess, laziness – whatever you want to call it.  Find a job already! [/sarcasm]).

I just wish that Obama would stop using this rhetoric of “consensus” and “compromise” because that is not what is happening.  Say what it is, call the Republicans out for being heartless, for playing dirty, and for holding ordinary Americans hostage to their political games.

From NPR: What it Means to Live in Long-Term Unemployment

Also from NPR: A fascinating report with people who are looking for jobs and not finding them.  Including a lady who used to think not being able to find a job meant you were – you guessed it – lazy.  Now she’s unable to find employment and realizes that maybe her characteristic of the unemployed before was a bit harsh.


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