Those Ladies Lawyers Make it Hard For Male Lawyers

Thanks for my lady lawyer friend, Brandi, for bringing this to my attention.  [TW: the comments at the link are terrible, referring to rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.  The comments are protected on the website (which you know means they aren’t good) so you do have to click on them in order to see them.  There is no accidental viewing.]

We all know Disclosure was based on lots and lots of true stories.  So…

The blog entry is very short and simply says this:

“[M]ale lawyers do not want to travel with, have lunch with, or mentor women lawyers because they fear someone will mistake their intentions and accuse them of sexual harassment.”

— law firm consultant Cynthia Calvert, in a blog post entitled Male Partners: Help Your Firm by Connecting with Women Lawyers.

First, the post is titled “Unintended Consequences.”  With no context other than the quote itself, one must ask, “Consequences of what?”  Women participating in law?  Women asking to be equal members in law firms with men?  Women having the right to legally fight back when they are sexually harassed in the workplace?  If you give ’em the right to claim sexual harassment, then you know that there are those many, many evil ladies who will claim false harassment just to get ahead, thus ruining it for all the other ladies since the menz won’t have lunch with them anymore.

I love how the issue always becomes about the possible false accusation and never about the actual sexual harassment that takes place all. the. time.  Especially in a profession that is clearly not close to being equal on any level.

But for real, ya’ll.  The poor male lawyers.  It must be so hard for them, having to curb their behavior so that it isn’t seen as sexual harassment (I mean, it can be really confusing to know when you are crossing the line from sexy flirtation and condescension to sexual harassment.  I hate it when I have to think through to the consequences of my actions before actually do anything since I may be bothering someone and doing something illegal.  Damn the feminist movement and it’s call for responsibility.).  And, man, having to dodge the frequent false sexual harassment claims that the up-and-coming lady lawyers are throwing at them left and right.  That’s the worst?  Amiright?  I mean, it’s way worse than having your boss pat your on the butt or your peers comment on your cleavage.  Just get over it.  If only those lady folk hadn’t come along and demanded participation in law, then the dudez would have it so easy now.

In conclusion, I think a more appropriate quote in this instance would be: “Female lawyers do not want to travel with, have lunch with, or mentor male lawyers because they fear someone will sexually harass them.”


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