UPDATE on Belmont U’s Firing of Lesbian Coach

Belmont profs support gay peers with resolution:

Belmont’s faculty senate unanimously approved a resolution tonight in support of gay members of their community and invited the administration to discuss the issue.

“The Senate believes that the sexual identity of individuals should not impact that person’s standing on campus,” the resolution states. […]

Faculty members tabled a proposal from Griffith, which would have asked Belmont President Bob Fisher to define clearly the university’s policy on gay faculty and staff.

Instead, the accepted proposal asks for a dialogue on campus about the issue.

Protesters demand Belmont apologize:

A steady flow of drivers honked their horns in a show of support for the 40 to 45 protesters who held up signs, waved and rang bells from noon to 3 p.m. […]

Sunday night, the Belmont University Office of Communications issued this statement, responding to a request for comment:”We have smart and passionate students at Belmont University who really care about their role in making a difference in the world. We support their right to express their opinions.”

More from the student newspaper, The Belmont Vision:

  • Howe: ‘I am proud of … my family and our future’: “For the first time since her exit from Belmont University last week, former Belmont women’s soccer coach Lisa Howe released a statement that did not come from the school, but rather on the website of a national magazine.”
  • Sit-in second of planned student protests: “About 50 Belmont students attended a sit-in outside Dr. Bob Fisher’s office to protest what they call, “blatant discrimination” against women’s soccer coach Lisa Howe.”
  • Faculty resolution, students question BU over coach’s exit: “Lisa Howe is no longer women’s soccer coach at Belmont, but the fallout from her exit has prompted response from students, alumni and others that has not been favorable to the university.”
  • Faculty Senate wants open dialogue on hiring policy: “The Belmont Faculty Senate postponed a vote on a resolution calling for clarification of Belmont’s hiring policy concerning sexual orientation, but passed a resolution encouraging the university and administration to have a open dialogue on campus.”

If you want to let the administration at Belmont know that you don’t like way that Coach Howe has been treated and you find her firing unjust, contact them here:


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