Quote of the Day

Cribbed the transcript from Womanist Musings’ post.

Louis C. K. on the Tonight Show talking about why black people in this country have the right to complain more than white people do:

You can’t take people’s historical context away from them. Everybody always want us to. Like, White people are like come on it wasn’t us.  Like they want Black people to forget everything.

Like every year, White people add a hundred years to how long ago slavery was. I’ve heard educated people say that slavery was four hundred years ago. No it very wasn’t.  It was a hundred and forty years ago.  That’s two seventy year old ladies living and dying back to back. That’s how recently you could buy a guy.

And it’s not like slavery ended and everything has been amazing. It just… Oh yeah it’s like a clean shit where you don’t have to wipe, just boom and then it’s been parades and presents ever since.

You gotta remember that if you meet a Black person and they have grey hair, that they remember a time when they had to use a certain toilet, so give them a little time to be cranky.

And by the way White people have their own stuff that we went through, that hurt us that we have to cope with, like when they took our slaves away.  That was really hard for us.

Womanist Musings has the video and the entire transcript (this is just a piece) on her post.  Go there to see it (and, you know, read her awesome blog).


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