Men Wear Football “Apparel” and Women Wear “Womens” [UPDATED]

From the Iowa Hawkeyes’ site where you purchase their official gear. It took me a while to figure out where to click in order to get a man’s sweatshirt.

That’s because “Apparel” is what you click for men’s clothes. If you need women’s, it’s got its own tab.  Women are interlopers into sports and therefore they don’t normally purchase sporting clothes.  It makes it seem like “Womens” was added on later, as an after-effect.  The “normal” Hawkeye’s fan, the ones who deserve a gender-neutral tab are the menz.

It’s one of those subtle ways that misogyny is reinforced: men loves sports, women do not unless it’s an anomaly.

UPDATE: Sociological Images has a ton of examples of this phenomenon where “men” = neutral.


6 thoughts on “Men Wear Football “Apparel” and Women Wear “Womens” [UPDATED]

  1. I love that you blog about this stuff. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who notices this stuff. Because I see it everywhere, and some days I get so angry, I want to crawl under the bed and not come out.

  2. Point taken. Perhaps if you were buying a Minnesota sweatshirt, you would have seen that the “Ladies” and “Men” each have their own pages, separate from “Jerseys,” “Polos,” and all other categories. While I was irked by “Ladies” as opposed to “Women,” I am going to use this as one more reason why Minnesota is better than Iowa.

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