Ms. Magazine Spotlights Subtle Misogyny

Back on November 10, I did a short post about the fact that Pelosi, as the first female Speaker of House, had never received a TIME or Newsweek cover on her own but that Boehner, before even being elected Speaker was on the cover of both.

Ms. Magazine noticed, too, and decided to do something about it.  Winter 2011 cover:


2 thoughts on “Ms. Magazine Spotlights Subtle Misogyny

  1. Subtle misogyny?


    I am quite verbose regarding my dislike for today’s “modern female.”

    So disgusted am I with what I perceive to be the to-me disgusting-in-so-many-ways “modern” female and the USA society I interpret as excruciatingly pro-female and anti-male that, as much as possible and practical that I isolate myself from females (and children but that is a similar yet different topic) and USA society as a whole.

    I do not inhibit female actions.

    I am not in ANY position other than control over MY life so can not nor will not interfere with females.

    But, I can ignore the creatures. Keep them at arm’s length or greater.

    Refuse to allow those inane-to-me females to enter my realm, my personal regime.

    My shanty and conveyance are off-limits.

    Walking in a bone-chilling wind at dangerous temperatures as you flee your broken-down jalopy?

    Nope, you do not enter my car though I would feel compelled to inform the local authorities.

    Sorry, gals, simply too many of your “sisters” have spouted and spewed false accusations against good, decent, honest and law-abiding males over the years.

    I will also, unlike a few past events, depart the area where I hear/see the female under physical attack.

    As in the previous scenario, the negative ramifications are too possible.

    Seek out the MANY times when females end up attacking their “saver” assisting the male who was originally attacking them resulting in the female’s bizarre cries for assistance.

    Observe the Cops TV show for in-your-face real-life examples of this bizarre, but not for females, behavior.

    There is a growing number of males such as I who have determined a female-free life and life-style is not only a superior route to follow but a path with more ultimate pleasure and much less stress.

  2. >>Ms. Magazine Spotlights Subtle Misogyny?

    maybe one day they’ll spotlight the overt misandry… um, doubt it.

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