“Mompreneurs” = FAIL

MSNBC has an article about women moms who are making it in the small business world.

The title on the top of my Firefox when I am clicked on the article reads: “New Success Story: ‘mompreneurs’.”

Then the article title is “5 Successful ‘mompreneurs’.”

And the subtitle is, “Female business owners are finding both personal and professional success.”

I don’t have a problem ever with a new org highlighting successful women, whether or not they are moms.  But I HATE that the context always has to be that women as MOMS are succeeding and that this success if new and different.  WOW – look at ’em go!

Also, the easy and often-occurring conflation between “mom” and “female.”

And, of course, the fact that “dadpreneurs” don’t seem to exist and if they do, they aren’t as awe-inspiring or amazing.

Plus, these kind of false delineations really limit the idea of “family” to only those people who have children at home with them.

The article says:

they are “mompreneurs,” and they prove that it is possible to be both a nurturing caretaker of little ones and a successful business mogul.

Well, thank god.  Because until this article and this “evidence,” I wasn’t sure it was possible.  What year is this?

It also tells us:

Entrepreneur.com defines a mompreneur as “a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.”  It may sound simple, but combining these two very complicated and delicate life roles can be a consuming and stressful lifestyle. Thankfully, there are many examples of those that have accomplished the balance of family matriarch and home-business manager.

Of course it is hard.  But the thing about this is that it is hard for anyone who has a family (however defined) and must work, whether that is a single man with two ailing parents who puts in 60 hours at his law firm or a single mom who works two minimum wage jobs while raising a kid.

Anyhow, moms have been working for centuries now, having to “actively balance” between making money and being at home.  This isn’t a new phenomenon so please, MSNBC and other news media, stop acting like it.

And just so you feel warm and fuzzy and nicely gendered by the end of the article, it finishes thus:

It takes all kinds of moms to create and sustain the brilliant businesses featured here, and with the future continually revealing new markets, there’s room for many more mompreneurs. After all, few things are better than those made with love by a mom.

All together now: AAAAAWWWWW!


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