What I wrote on August 19, 2010 in a post directed at Sarah Palin (in the wake of her defense of Dr. Laura’s condescending and n-word filled take down of a black caller):

Second, stop acting like politics is a violent battlefield where people shoot each other.  Because some people do actually commit violence because of their politics (your politics).

This is what she had written then:

I didn’t retreat; I reloaded in order to fight for what is right on a fairer battlefield. So, more power to someone with good intentions who refuses to be shackled by their detractors when they are falsely accused of being racist.

This is why, in the wake of a democratic representative in a conservative-leaning state being violently attacked with a loaded gun, people are looking at the violent imagery and language of RW pundits and politicians who spew violent rhetoric.  Because we have been fearful of this sort of attack for a while.


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