Picture of the Day: Haiti

In Port-au-Prince, all flat lands are taken over by tents, including most school yards. When Art in All of Us arrived, there appeared to be little interaction between the children living in the school ground camps and the children enrolled in the schools. This seemed unrelated to socio-economic standing, as most children share similar backgrounds and those living in camps might go to other schools around the city. Art in All of Us members fostered more open dialogue between these groups, and it was the first time in 10 months that children in camps and schools began talking and playing. In this photo, schoolgirls play on a destroyed stone table in one of the camps in Ecole du Guatemala, Petionville, on October 29, 2010. (© Anthony Asael/Art in All of Us/Corbis)

I took this picture from The Big Picture at Boston.com. It is an amazing series of photos titled, “Haiti, One Year Later.” You should see them all.

I discovered the site from The Improvised Life, which has a beautiful post about Haiti and continuing to help:

A year ago,we reported on Doctors Without Borders’ heroic efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake. Checking their site today, they report that “Despite Massive Aid Response, Significant Needs Remain One Year After Quake”. They need money to continue their work there, as do other relief organizations.

It’s time to re-up our awareness and concern. We’re going to donate again to Doctors Without Borders (who we know are doing a lot with their resources). Here’s Charity Navigator’s recommendations of other relief organizations working in Haiti.


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