Atlanta Public Schools are on Probation – Accreditation Threatened

Holy moly.  What does this mean?

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mark Elgart, president and CEO of AdvancED, said the school district will have until Sept. 30 to make progress on a series of recommendations from the agency. The district could lose its accreditation if the findings are not address by the next review.

Accreditation can effect a student’s eligibility for scholarship money, including Georgia’s HOPE scholarship, federal funding and college acceptance. Atlanta’s high schools are accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), which reports to AdvancED.

According to Fox 5 in Atlanta:

The Southern Association for Colleges and Schools released their report on the Atlanta Public School system Tuesday. […]

The SACS team started to look into Atlanta schools after allegations of cheating on the CRCT tests and fighting among board members.

Back in the fall, the former board chair, Lashonda Butler Burks was removed from her position. That’s when SACS threatened to take away the district’s accreditation.

If a school district loses its accreditation, students pay the price.

High school seniors who graduate from non-accredited schools have a harder time getting into colleges and they are also not eligible for the HOPE scholarship.

So, what happens to the students?  I have never heard of grade schools losing accreditation.  How does this help?  Or, put another way, who is being punished?  Obviously the school system is in trouble but will this make it better?  So many questions.


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