$113M shortfall = at least 300 less ATX teachers

From the Austin-American Statesman:

Facing one of the grimmest budgets in the district’s recent history, the Austin school board on Monday will consider a plan that would cut up to 300 secondary school teaching positions; 50 elementary art, music and physical education teaching positions; and one-third of the district’s school librarians.

And that’s just the beginning.

State cuts and falling local revenue could result in a shortfall in 2011-12 of $113 million out of $842 million in operating expenses, district budget officers said.

“Based upon our preliminary analysis of the House’s spending proposal, AISD’s budget crisis has become significantly more challenging. No longer are we looking at a deficit of $54 million, or even $90 million, which some once thought was highly exaggerated,” Superintendent Meria Carstarphen said in a letter Thursday to district staffers. […]

Preliminary state budget projections show a $9.8 billion cut in public education funding. The Texas House of Representatives’ preliminary budget doesn’t include any money for enrollment growth or to replace lost stimulus funding and revenue lost from falling property values.

Since the state has yet to disclose how the cuts will be made, the impact on local districts is hard to determine, school finance experts say. But that hasn’t stopped districts across the state from planning for the worst.

The Houston school district, the state’s largest with about 204,000 students, might have to slash $203 million to $348 million — up to a fifth of its budget. The San Antonio district is planning for a 2011-12 revenue loss of $37 million to $61 million. The Dallas district could lose $67 million to $132 million — up to 10 percent of its annual budget.


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