Food Politics: Jan. 24, 2011

Busy day.  Here are the links, no quotes, no commentary.  Enjoy.

McDonald’s Maple Settlement (by Clare Leschin-Hoar at Slashfood)

Can Wal-Mart Change America’s Eating Habits? (Marion Nestle on NPR)

Letter From The Editor: Walmart (Dan Flynn from Food Safety News)

How Walmart Swindled the White House (Michele Simon at Appetite for Profit)

Why Wal-mart got it right (Jane Black)

Raw Milk to be considered in New Jersey (Bill Marler)

Why Food Critics Don’t Always Say Everything They Think (by Ari Levaux at The Atlantic)

Forget FDA. Grocery trade groups to do their own “better-for-you” logos (Marion Nestle)

Michelle Obama’s Communist Army Invades Wal-Mart (Blair Burke at The Wonkette)

Raw Milk on Tap in Texas Too? (Bill Marler)

Why the Happy Meal is a crime—and not just a culinary one (by Michele Simon at Grist)


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