Two Things You Should Read (+ one fun video to watch)

First, from Historiann (I seriously want to make a lifelong commitment to this post, I love it that much):

I’ve always thought that there was a very straightforward reason for why university faculty and other highly educated people tend not to support Republican ideas:  the more you know about the world, the dumber they seem. There’s no conspiracy at universities against conservative ideas–indeed, even Marxist Feminists like me teach about very conservative ideas all the time: patriarchy, hierarchy, Thomas Hobbes, the Divine Right of Kings, nineteenth century proslavery ideology, anti-women’s suffrage, anti-unionism, anti-communism, Father Coughlin, the John Birch Society, Impeach Earl Warren bumper stickers, “free market” ideology, and the like.  And you know what happens?  When students read the primary sources laying out these ideas, they usually see them for what they are:  brutally, coarsely self-interested,  unfair, and un-American.

And from Jezebel, “Town Doesn’t Give a Shit About Roethlisberger Rape Controversy Anymore” (which, you know, isn’t surprising seeing how the NFL and reporters of the NFL forgave him the day he returned from his suspension):

But the worst response comes from the D.A. who declined the case, Fred Bright, because of its importance. Bright lets us know that he’s moved on, too. “[Roethlisberger]’s success on the football field, what does that have to do with what happened here in Milledgeville? It’s over. The case is over.” Dude, the case never even began.

Also, watch this video (via The Improvised Life):

For more about the Fun Theory project.


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