Excuse me while I rant…

WTF is up with Hallie Steinfeld being nominated in the best “supporting actress” category for the Oscars and Jeff Bridges in the best “actor”?

I loved True Grit.  I thought the main trio: Steinfeld, Bridges, and Matt Damon were all very, very good in their roles, but above ALL, I thought Steinfeld, a newcomer, was amazing.  The movie is about her character.  She is in nearly every single scene.  She has the most lines.  There is absolutely no way that Bridges had more screen time or more lines.  No way.

I am guessing (hoping) that this is about putting her in a category that they thought she could actually win.  But that’s not really the point.  She shouldn’t win for best supporting actress.  She should win for actress.  She was just as good as Portman (I can’t say for Benning as I didn’t see the movie).

This is fucked up.  There is plenty fucked up about the Oscar nominations (are there ladies in Hollywood who do anything other than act?  are there people of color who do?) but this just sucks.  It seems unfair.  In a totally different way than Ryan Gosling not getting nominated for Blue Valentine (I thought he was better than Bridges).  Humph.


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