There’s An Emergency in Texas!!

How to contact the people who were elected to represent you:

Here’s the website that helps you find all the people who represent you on the both the federal and state levels. It gives you their names, websites, mailing addresses, and phone numbers.

Do it today.  Even if you think they won’t care about your opinion.  It’s our most basic and easiest way (besides voting) to participate in this democracy.  You have a voice.  Exercise it.


Finally, Rick Perry and I agree on something: Texas is in crisis. It is an EMERGENCY!

Here is what I said about the impending TX budget:

OMFG, Texas. Can you screw over the single mother any more? God, can you imagine the single-mother who is receiving child support, needs Medicaid, and works for the state. She is SCREWED. Sorry, lady. We just don’t care about you or your kid. But hey, look on the bright side, at least you won’t have any new taxes to pay. I’m sorry, I meant, at least wealthy Texans with private health care plans and big bank accounts won’t have to pay more taxes. Because those people and their lawmakers HATE when children have education and health care and we would hate for them to have to participate in providing those kids a future.

I think most people can agree that when the state’s budget is going to be so short that education, health care, and community services for the mentally ill and the disabled are cut, we are in an emergency situation.

Here is what Rick Perry thinks the emergency is right now in our state:

Governor Rick Perry said Saturday that legislation requiring a woman to have a sonogram before an abortion is an emergency item for the 2011 legislative session.

“When you consider the magnitude of the decision to have an abortion, ensuring that the patient understands what’s truly at stake seems a small step to take”, Perry said at a Texas Rally for Life.

Oh, wait. That’s right. We don’t agree on anything. Ever. Good to know some things never change. Like how much of an asshole Rick Perry is. Like how much he doesn’t trust women (which, you know, goes both ways because I don’t trust him at all). Like how stupid he seems to think we all are. Like how condescending he is when he explains the world to us idiotic citizens (well, I’m not sure if he considers me a citizen based on his emergency abortion bill – clearly my rights are not his concern).

To be fair, our dear Governor has declared the budget an emergency, too. Of course, he thinks that the budget is an emergency because we need to get rid of services FASTER! We need to get rid of that evil government-forced education and health care NOW!

He clarified today that the budget is the #1 emergency item:

“The budget is why you come; that’s what it’s all about,” Perry said. And he repeated that while advocates are worried about potential cuts in health care, education and transportation, taxes will not be increased.

When the economy turns down, you make hard decisions and you prioritize,” he said.

Yes, my concern is that I may be taxed more. Not at all about my child’s education. Or anyone else’s children.  Or the fact that Perry and his like-minded conservative pals in office would like to take away my rights.  No, please.  Save me from taxes.

Let me translate my emotions in a way that even Rick Perry can understand: AAAAAAAHHHHHFFFFUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!




2 thoughts on “There’s An Emergency in Texas!!

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