Help Kelley Williams-Bolar, Mother Jailed For Sending Children to “Wrong” School (From the Curvature)

I am reposting what Cara just posted at The Curvature to help spread the info:

Yesterday, I wrote about the horrific case of Kelley Williams-Bolar (pictured left), a woman who has been jailed for ten days and slapped with a felony record — which will prevent her from obtaining her teacher’s license — for sending her children to a school district other than the one they lived in.

My analysis of this unconscionable set of events can be found in the previous post. Today, I just want to draw your attention to a way that you can help Williams-Bolar appeal her case. Via, Williams-Bolar is working with the National Action Network, and is in need of funds to help her pay the legal fees she will incur in appealing the judge’s verdict.

You can send donations to the National Action Network Akron Chapter, c/o Kelley Williams-Bolar, P.O. Box 4152, Akron, Ohio, 44321. Checks can be made payable to Williams-Bolar.

Please give if you can and help spread this information far and wide.


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