For Austinites and Texans who are Pro-Choice!

From Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region:

Facing a record $27 billion budget shortfall, a struggling economy, significant unemployment, and potential school closures around the state, the leaders of the Texas Legislature must be incredibly busy and focused on these important issues affecting all Texans…right?

Instead Texas Governor Rick Perry declared a legislative “emergency” to require Texas women seeking safe, legal abortion to receive a verbal description of a sonogram and to listen to the heartbeat before having an abortion.

This Wednesday, Feb. 9th at the Texas Capitol (in the Senate chambers) at 9 am, the Senate State Affairs Committee has scheduled a public hearing on this legislation (SB 16).

We know that most Texans want their elected officials focused on the issues that matter instead of interfering in intensely personal medical decisions.

Please take 20 minutes this Wednesday morning to stop by the Texas Capitol and add your voice.

Here’s exactly what you can do at 9 am this Wednesday:

  • Park at Capitol Visitor’s Center;
  • Walk to the Texas Senate Chambers;
  • Sign in against this bill (forms will be available with the clerk, we’ll be there and will look for you when you arrive!);
  • Head back out to your busy day knowing that you made a difference! Or, stay and listen to the debate.

And: mark your calendars! Tuesday, March 8th is Planned Parenthood’s day at the Capitol!

[h/t to JC for the info.]


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