Food Politics: Feb. 9, 2011 [Updated]

Adding some stuff that came down the pipe today so that I don’t have to wait for tomorrow’s (or, really, next week’s Food Politics roundup):


Confession: I normally collect articles via an RSS feed. I do it over a series of days and then pick the ones I think deserve the most attention. I use Google Reader to do this and yesterday, after collecting a stash of food politics articles, I accidentally hit the “Mark all as Read” tab and BOOM, lost them all. I mean, they still exist somewhere but I had spent enough time already reading and sorting that I couldn’t imagine doing it again. So, those are lost as far as I am concerned. But some stuff has come through the reader since that ill-fated moment of mindless internet-ing. So here is a much shorter list than I intended for this post.

In no particular order:


3 thoughts on “Food Politics: Feb. 9, 2011 [Updated]

  1. Hi,
    While we appreciate you linking to our website, the story you linked to in this post (“Fast food chains’ religious leanings flavor patronage”) is actually a CNN Wire story, and our website is Reesenews, not Reese Nation.


    Rebecca Seawell
    Assistant Editor

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