Let’s Count šest…

From TribecaFilm.com:

We’ll start by celebrating the fact that 4 out of the 5 nominated Art Direction teams include women and that the finer sex completely dominated this year’s Costume category. We still rule at sewing. Phew.

But then it gets hairy.

The article then goes on to chronicle the how few women are represented throughout most of the Oscar categories.  Including:

Original score: Men only.

Visual Effects: Nope.

Cinematography: You must be joking! No woman has EVER been nominated for an Oscar in this category. Ever. In 83 years!

The same just-barely representation holds true for female nominees in Sound Effects, Sound Mixing, Short Live Action and Animated, and (gasp) even Makeup.

[h/t to the amazing LD, my sis]


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