Rape in the US Military

[TW for sexual assault]


Fourteen current and former members of the U.S. military charged in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that the Pentagon turned a blind eye when they reported being sexually harassed, assaulted and raped by fellow service members while on active duty.

Interviews by NBC News with some of the plaintiffs in the case reveal disturbing and previously unreported allegations of sexual abuse in the military, including some in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, one of the plaintiffs, identified as a naval aviator, charges in the lawsuit that she was drugged and then gang raped by two of her colleagues while serving at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma just two months ago.

Mary Gallagher, a former sergeant in the Air National Guard, says that within weeks of being deployed to an air base outside of Baghdad in 2009 she was brutally assaulted by a fellow sergeant who burst into the ladies room, pushed her up against the wall, pulled her pants and underwear down and ground his genitals against her, talking the whole time how much he was enjoying it.

“I thought he was going to kill me that night,” Gallagher told NBC in an interview. “I felt completely isolated and alone and really scared. Here I was, in the middle of a foreign country in the middle of a war.”

When she reported the attack, she says her commander’s only response was to reassign her assailant and tell her “this stuff happens.”

THIS is what my tax dollars go towards?  THIS?  And women are supposed to believe that they are at all equal citizens in this country.

Our rights to our bodies are being eroded in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY by Republicans right at this moment.  And yet still, we have to pay taxes into a country where we funnel money into a military that refuses to acknowledge and deal with the ridiculous number of sexual assaults taking place within it THAT THEY KNOW ABOUT! (for the record, I don’t have a problem with paying taxes.  I have a problem with where the money goes without me getting to say a damn thing about it.  People whine about government money going to abortions.  Well about it going to rape cover up?  What about that?  AHHH!)

And this report just drives home the point I was trying to make in my post about the horrific sexual assault of Lara Logan in Tahrir – this isn’t about some isolated thuggery in Egypt or misogynistic culture that creates space for such brutality to take place.  It is happening HERE.  Right now.  In the US military.  Supposedly in the most civilized country in the world (I’m not saying I believe that – I’m saying people like to think such things).  And the military has known about this issue for A LONG TIME.

I am angry today.  I am angry for women who don’t get the respect that they deserve simply because they can be fucked.  I am angry for women who have to go through not only the terrible ordeal of the assault but also the aftermath of it when they are silenced and shamed for something that they had not control over.

If you want to point your finger over at Egypt and scream about the people who did what they did to Lara Logan, then you better be pointing your fingers at the US military!  And the peace corps!  I’m sure there are plenty of other major institutions that we can find major rape cover ups that receive support from the government.  But the military – the fucking military.  AHHHH!




Sexual Assault in the Military, Women, and DADT


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