STFU, Richard Cohen

[TW for sexual assault and rape apology]

Some old white dude, Richard Cohen, wrote an op-ed this morning for the Washington Post about why CBS should have released Lara Logan’s story earlier than it did:

Say what you will about CBS, it either doesn’t know what news is or felt that the privacy of an employee was more important than its obligation to inform the public. It has it backwards. […]

As I’m sure even Logan would admit, the sexually assault of woman by a mob in the middle of a public square is a story. It is particularly a story because the crowd in Tahir Square was almost invariably characterized as friendly and out for nothing but democracy. […]

Most news organizations do not name rape victims. I disagree with this policy for a number of reasons that I have written about over the years, but even if I agreed, exceptions have to be made. The awful Logan incident has to be an exception. Had another woman, say a strolling tourist, been similarly victimized, the incident would have been reported — and the name withheld. In Logan’s case, unfortunately, there was no way to withhold the name. Still, her privacy was not as important as the story. […]

I feel badly for Logan and wish her well. But she’s a newswoman, and what happened to her in Tahir Square was news. CBS should not have withheld that story.

No, Mr. Cohen, you don’t actually feel badly for Logan.  If you do, instead of writing this dribble, you would just STFU. You are a rape apologist who shouldn’t be writing about rape ever.

You, sir, are not a journalist (if you were, you would have spelled Tahrir square correctly).  You are a windbag and I am not sure why anyone publishes your garbage.

So, please, Mr. Cohen, for the love of the reading world and Ms. Logan, shut the fuck up.


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