Bobby Bones’ Twitter Reply Sucks

[Trigger Warning: sexual assault, victim blaming, sexual assault apology…again.]

Not to me.  But about me.

Here it is:

[It says: “Apparently I’m a murder , rape and assault apologist because I said “if you go into war torn Egypt… Expect bad things to happen to you.”]

He then retweeted: “@mrBobbyBones it’s no different then saying that if you go to Juarez you can expect to be beheaded.” AND “@mrBobbyBones I sure as heck would not think they are going to give me flowers and hugs walking into a volatile area like that.”

Yup, Logan expected flowers.  And those idiots who go to Juarez and are beheaded – well, they should have known better.  Way to take a stand, guys.

Then tweeted:

“@CrashIntoMeBook yes, college is exactly like a rioting country ran by military with no current infrastructure. yes. exactly like that.”

What did @CrashIntoMeBook write to elicit that response?: “@mrBobbyBones – so, since I was raped in college, maybe women shouldn’t GO to college? By your logic, sir.”

YES.  That is what he wrote to a woman who was raped and admitted it to him on Twitter.  Her rape in college is not the same as Logan’s sexual assault in Egypt because, in Egypt, you should expect to be sexually assaulted and somehow plan accordingly (mainly by not going there).

Well, at least we now know that he has a hierarchy of blame, or that he believes some victims do deserve blame (Logan) while others may or may not (college women).

Classy, Bobby Bones.  You are a total victim’s advocate and my original post was definitely way off course.



10 thoughts on “Bobby Bones’ Twitter Reply Sucks

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  2. So since you don’t find them offensive, and you are a woman, does that mean that I as a woman am not permitted to find them offensive?

    Lumping all women into one group that must think alike is a form of misogyny.

  3. And also, I’m not sure how I am blowing anything out of proportion. He participated in typical victim blaming by saying that she should have somehow prevented her own sexual assault.

    That line gets no one anywhere because no matter what women do, they are sexually assaulted. Women are sexually assaulted by their own husbands in their own homes. Women are assaulted everywhere that they go. Focusing on what the victim should or should not have done doesn’t help anyone.

    What it does do is remind his listeners who may be sexual assault victims that plenty of people out there in the world, in their own city think that they somehow played a role in their own sexual assault.

    All I want is for Mr. Bones to be more careful about his language and to apologize for saying such things on a morning radio show.

    I literally can’t understand why everyone is so bent out of shape over me defending sexual assault victims against typical victim blaming. Why does that make me the bad guy? Because people like Mr. Bones? Because they really believe that sexual assault victims are to blame when these things happen to them?

    I don’t dislike Bobby Bones. I dislike what he said. And I severely dislike how he responded that rape victim on Twitter.

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  6. As a woman, I think Bobby is disgusting. You get to think what you think. I get to think what I think. The blogger gets to think what she thinks. End of story.

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