Unrest and Violence: Some ways to get info about it all

There is so much violence in Bahrain today as the government cracks down on the peaceful protesters.  It sounds like that is also going on in Libya.  There was also a grenade attack in Yemen.

Al Jazeera’s English live feed is, once again, a good resource.

For general background on the unrest in multiple countries in Middle East and Africa, see this page from CNN.

Guardian’s live blog is also still an amazing resource for trying to keep up.  There is so much that it is difficult to stay on top of any of these stories.


Twitter is still a ridiculously good place to get first person accounts as well as information from journalists.

Try these feeds for Bahrain:

For Libya, which has almost no media coverage, follow:

In general, follow (they are great retweeters or giving information from many news sources):




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