I love you, Historiann

First, her interesting post about possible reasons that teaching is undervalued and research overvalued at the university level:

[…] and added my concern that one reason institutionalized sexism still haunts us all is the gendering of teaching as female and research as male.  This may be what’s inhibiting our conversations along the lines TR suggests, either because 1) we may discover that we don’t in fact hold men and women faculty to the same standard when it comes to their teaching, or 2) we may find that we’re all resistant to conversations about how research supports and enhances teaching because that might diminish its prestige.  Why as TR writes “after all these years” don’t we talk more about how scholarship and teaching enhance each other and can be used productively to build effective applications for tenure?

Then this awesome thing she said in comments:

Dr. Crazy’s example from her department and the “extra credit” good male teachers get for being good teachers sounds like the extra credit and cookies men get when they’re pushing their own children around in strollers or taking them to the playground. In many quarters men get rewarded for just showing up as teachers/fathers, when women are held to much higher standards in both the task that’s gendered female (teaching/mothering) and research.

I am thrilled that I will get to meet her in person soon. I love Historiann.




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