Actual Victim Blaming – Re: Lara Logan

[TW: sexual assault, victim blaming, sexual assault apologia]

From Womanist Musings:

In his piece, Women with young kids shouldn’t be in war zone, [Peter] Worthington [of The Toronto Sun] suggests that mommy status means that women need to think of their children, (typical conservative claptrap) and just stay home. […]

Men calculate the risks before embarking on each trip, and so do women — yet Worthington decided to suggest that because only women can fullfill the unique role of mothering, that we belong at home in our own special gilded cage. It comes down to asserting that women don’t have the same rights to personhood that men do, rather than an attempt to elevate the role of mother. It enslaves women by using their choice to reproduce. […]

I also believe that part of the angst regarding Lara’s rape is the fact that she is a White woman.  Historically speaking, the hyper feminisation of the supposed frail White woman, has helped to limit opportunities offered to them, whereas no such concern is offered to women of colour in similar situations. […]

The rape of women of colour still continues to be ignored, because our bodies have been socially constructed as available for assault whereas; White women continue to be assumed the property of White masculinity. The horror to many is not that Logan was raped and assaulted, but that it happened at the hands of men of colour.

And in light of everything I have been posting about recently, THIS:

Men continue to dominate both national and international discourse, thereby; allowing them to frame the narrative about women, our bodies, and the various roles that we play in society.

The whole thing is great.  Go read it.


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