’s Coverage of Libya

I snapped this pic (at 8:15am CST) of the MSNBC homepage:

On the left, taking up at least 60% of the screen is a report titled, “‘New Zealand’s darkest day’: Quake kills 65”.  Whereas the coverage of Libya, in the upper right is under the title of “Gadhafi defiant in face of mounting revolt.”  Based on the teaser, there are two articles there about Gadhafi  There is also a report on how oil prices are going higher.

What is not mentioned as a big blaring headline is that hundreds of people have been killed by Gadhafi.  According to Al Jazeera:

Nearly 300 people are reported to have been killed in continuing violence in the capital and across the North African country as demonstrations enter their second week.

Witnesses in Tripoli told Al Jazeera that fighter jets had bombed portions of the city in fresh attacks on Monday night. The bombing focused on ammunition depots and control centres around the capital.

Helicopter gunships were also used, they said, to fire on the streets in order to scare demonstrators away.

Several witnesses said that “mercenaries” were firing on civilians in the city, while pro-Gaddafi forces warned people not to leave their homes via loudspeakers mounted on cars.

Residents of the Tajura neighbourhood, east of Tripoli, said that dead bodies are still lying on the streets from earlier violence. At least 61 people were killed in the capital on Monday, witnesses told Al Jazeeera.

To say the least, it is horrific.  According to the twitter feed of Al Arabiya English, an International Criminal Court official puts the dead and injured at 3,000 in Libya.  Human Rights Watch is calling on the ICC “to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for serious crimes in Libya.  The ICC has a mandate to investigate and prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide when the appropriate national judiciary is either unwilling or unable to do so.”

In short, this is a big fucking deal that is costing the lives of too many people.

And while I don’t want to take away AT ALL from what has happened in New Zealand because, by all accounts, that, too, is terrible (some information on donating here), for MSNBC to act like the real story with Libya here is about the “flamboyant leader” and the oil prices, and that the tragedy of the dead is located in New Zealand only is reprehensible and shameful.


2 thoughts on “’s Coverage of Libya

  1. What’s even more shocking is that professional journalists can’t even spell one of the worlds longest serving leaders name right. Even a quick search on the internet would solve that problem. Staggering.

    MSNBC TV had his name spelt as Khadaffy!!! Like Daffy Duck? Brilliant. It implies two things, either they need to go back to school and lower their ignorance levels or if they did it on purpose, stop being so obvious.

    Either way, I know children that could do a better job.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting. Do you have a link or picture to the MSNBC thing you mention because I would love to see that?

    UPDATE: I found a Maddow site that spells it the way you mention. Is there an actual correct single spelling or is it just that this spelling in particular is ridiculously bad?

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