Muslim Blaming – Re: Lara Logan

[TW: sexual assault, bigotry]

From Color Lines:

This quote is from Tavis Smiley who is responding to Bill Maher saying about revolution in the Middle East, “We’re never gonna have this revolution happen unless there’s a sexual revolution that goes with it.”:

Obviously what happened to Lara Logan is reprehensible, horrific. We can’t find a language to describe what happened to her. But having said that…if our readiness for Democracy in this country is based upon, determined by, demonstrated by our respect for women, then we ain’t ready for Democracy in this country. […]

All I’m saying, respectfully, is that I don’t disagree with the fact that they got a long way to go. What I’m trying to suggest to you is that when we have these conversations about how they treat women, as if somehow we treat women better in this country, it demonizes Muslims all over.


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