This crazy feminist lady? – Re: Bobby Bones

[TW for misogynistic language]

From Bobby Bones Show’s Facebook page today:

[Written by Bobby Bones Show: “Just got a complaint email about a podcast bit from over 3 years ago…I dont even remember the segment and the lady is pissed!”]

There are over 50 comments to the post, including “Tell that biatch to take a chill pill!!” (no one moderates this page or they don’t mind that their followers are throwing around inflammatory and misogynist language or both).

But here’s where I come in:

[Timothy Shaw wrote: “heh I bet it was that crazy feminist lady that wrote that blog about you.  She is probably gong through all your podcasts now looking for more stuff to bitch abot.”]

First, it wasn’t me.

Second, fuck you.

Third, WAIT – Bobby Bones reads the emails he gets from listeners?  I wouldn’t know as mine got no response.

Fourth, I happen to know that I wouldn’t need to go back more than 3 years to find something disgusting or misogynistic to complain about (because one commenter has already informed me of something).  I could probably locate something from today (spent five minutes and here is disgusting and misogynistic).  That’s the nature of the BBS and the people who produce it.

Fifth, if anything, this just shows that the words and ideas that people throw out into the world can have a real and lasting and hurtful impact on people.

Sixth, I stand by my original post and my call to Bobby Bones to simply apologize for participating in the triggering and stigmatizing victim blaming rhetoric that he did on his show, a show undoubtedly listened to by sexual assault victims.  Clearly, no apology is coming.  That silence is deafening and says a lot about Bobby Bones, his show, and the nature of morning radio, even in a hippy liberal town like Austin, TX.




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