Walk for Choice – Austin, TX. Feb 26, 2011 (IMAGES)

The official Facebook page of Austin Walk for Choice.

I don’t have much time to blog about the event today but I had a great time.  Even with the strong potential for rain, I thought the crowd was big (and as this was – gasp! – my first political rally, I have no way to judge the numbers of people out there.  A couple hundred?  We’ll see if the media reports about it at all and gives their own estimates).  And I adored all the chanting and yelling and camaraderie.  Overall, I found it a very emotional experience, especially when we marched down Congress avenue, past places where people were eating their lunch.  We were this united group fighting for the rights of women and it was powerful.

Two of the things that struck me about the crowd: 1) they were mainly young and 2) there were a lot of men.  Also, incredible sign makers.  Wow, the creativity was on full display.

One of my best friends was with me and s/he took pictures that I am simply going to embed here in a slideshow.  I hope to write more about this later.

On a related note: I think someone should purchase http://keepyourboehneroutofmyuterus.com immediately.  I mean, it’s screaming for a meme, right?

I’ve moved the slideshow to after the jump because it is causing my homepage to load slowly.  So, slideshow and gallery of the photos now after the jump:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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