Why We Still Need Black and Women’s History Months…

Because this is what Coca-cola thinks represents “history”:

In this video, a white, male student has fallen asleep while studying for his history exam.  Historical characters from his history books come alive and try to help wake him up.  French soldiers (who are the most important group with Napoleon in charge), Native Americans, and (I think) Japanese warriors are all well-represented.  Of course, they all only show up as agents of war and violence.

Still, my point is this:

There are NO black people.

And there is a single woman: Cleopatra.  And what is she doing?  Nothing.  Just watching as Ben Franklin figures out how to open the coke can, which is the winning strategy for waking the slumbering student.

Is that history, Coca-cola?  Soldiers, warriors, and fighter jets?  Also, some clever white western dudes?  And a watching woman?

If for no other reason, we have to keep black history and women’s history months just so whoever created these ads will learn some history.

Some still shots from the video are after the jump.


French soldiers

Japanese warriors


A Native American

Galileo (or Leonardo Da Vinci), Ben Franklin, and Cleopatra

The men acting as a pulley on the rope Ben Franklin latches to the top of the Coke can.



3 thoughts on “Why We Still Need Black and Women’s History Months…

  1. Good points – and am I the only one who thinks Coke’s version of Napoleon looks like Robin Williams?

  2. There is another way to read this–that the guy was so bored by reading this dry military history that he fell asleep….

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