Hating on Islam: Conveniently brings together TWO Republican platforms

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Turns out, hating on Islam fits the Republican anti-choice agenda!!  And, of course, their general anti-Muslim agenda.

1) From CNN: Islam Emerges as Key Issue for GOP

2) From TPM: Huckabee Puts Abortion Front And Center In 2012 GOP Presidential Primary

We need to be watching those Muslim and Muslim-Americans closely not only because they may be trying to terrorize us (they aren’t really, these people are).  But also because Muslim-majority countries and Islam, in general, support a woman’s right to choose.

We US peeps – we have so much to learn about the world and ourselves.

From the Twitter feed of Mona Eltahawy today (you have to read from bottom up), dropping some knowledge:

[I’m sorry but I don’t have time right now to transcribe these for people who may not be able to see them.  I will try to get to them soon.  If anyone wants to go ahead and transcribe them in comments, that would be awesome.]


2 thoughts on “Hating on Islam: Conveniently brings together TWO Republican platforms

  1. Complete with tweetspeak! Thanks for the awesome research.


    @monaeltahawy @leilalya @sammiejoe
    Islam IS for abortion w/in reason, its also for contraception&prevention, women’ve choice to be pregnant!

    @leilalya @sammiejoe @monaeltahawy
    I’ve never heard any school of thought in Islam condemn abortion. Even the extremists.

    @sammiejoe @monaeltahawy @mi5ahn
    Even some Sunni scholars have that opinion as well (first 4 months/ if mom’s life in danger)

    @leilalya @sammiejoe @monaeltahawy
    ALL branches of islam dont condemn abortion so long as its within 4 months! I know MANY who’ve had them

    @monaeltahawy @mi5ahn #shia
    scholars say abortion is allowed in first 4 months (18 weeks) and/or if the mother’s life is in danger

    FYI for anyone who didn’t know: abortions are not “western” and they are not “eastern”. They happen everywhere and always have.

    What planet do you live on that you think abortions don’t happen in Muslim majority countries? Do u know scholars’ position?

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