The lady-hating editors of SD’s The Daily Republic

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Title of actual editorial piece: “72-hour wait on abortion seems to be reasonable

The governor, who opposes abortion rights, is considering giving final approval of a bill that would create a longer waiting period for women who wish to get an abortion in South Dakota. The new waiting time would require women to wait 72 hours before they could undergo the procedure, which would be the longest required wait in the country.

During those three days, the woman would be required to submit to counseling. We acknowledge that the process may be intrusive to a woman’s private life, but it also creates a cooling-off period during which sound decisions may be made. […]

Considering that, we don’t think it would be wrong for Daugaard to give his approval to House Bill 1217. It’s apparent there are many residents in South Dakota who feel strongly that abortion is morally wrong. As their voices have been quieted by the democratic process in recent elections, HB 1217 may be an appropriate concession to those many South Dakotans who want to see abortion abolished.

1) You suck, editors.  I’d like the governor to pass a law mandating that you must have a 72-hour cooling-off period before publishing any lady-hating editorials.  But wait – that law would be illegal, right?

2) Why would women need both a “cooling-off period” and counseling in order to make “sound decisions”?  Because they are too irresponsible and emotional to make a decision BEFORE the cooling-off period.  How does that make ANY sense?  The only way you believe this shit is if you literally don’t think women can be trusted to make decisions, full stop.  Because they seriously said – forget women’s right to privacy(!), they need some time to deal with their ridiculous abortion-wanting lady emotions instead.

3) You know WHY the SD citizens don’t get to decide about abortion and their voices have been quieted?  BECAUSE IT IS A LEGALLY-SANCTIONED RIGHT, ala the Supreme Court. Even if a large proportion of SD citizens wanted it to be illegal for whites and blacks to get married to each other, it wouldn’t fucking matter.  So, those silenced (please!) citizens can cry into their pillows but that won’t make it less legal for women to get abortions.

4) ALL waiting periods for abortion simply exist to make it too hard to get an abortion.  This isn’t about counseling or cooling-off.  It’s literally to make abortions inconvenient and, especially for low-income women, simply impossible – not only do you have to go once to the doctor/clinic, you then also have to go to counseling (who pays for that?), and finally to your actual abortion.

So, I’m just going to ask nicely, for the sake of women in SD and, well, all of us hot-headed, in-need-of-some-counseling ladies around the world: please, editors of “The Daily Republic”, STFU.

[h/t to @KellyBaden]


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