WI: My heart hurts for Union members tonight

Gov. Walker and WI Republicans and all those people applauding you throughout the country tonight – we now completely and totally understand without a doubt that the shit you are doing — to get rid of unions, strip women of their bodily rights, deny services to the poor — this is all about fucked up selfish ideologies that screw over anyone who doesn’t have the money to participate in the political arena the way you do.  You can keep telling your base that it is about economics or whatever, but OBVIOUSLY it’s not.

You can tell this is true because CNN has to report about what you just did with your budget bill by saying that you passed it without its “fiscal sections.”  You KNOW that you have done something fucked up.

Shame on you.

[It says: #Wisconsin Senate cuts fiscal sections of budget bill, passes cuts to collective bargaining. http://on.cnn.com/hWGhVU (via @CNNbrk)]

Also, see this (which I am basically just taking in full):

The reason the Democrats left the state to begin with is because Wisconsin’s upper chamber can’t pass any fiscal bills without 3/5 of the members present, according to Senate rules. With the Democrats missing, Republicans lacked that 3/5 quorum, and couldn’t hold a vote. So, they simply stripped all fiscal provisions from the bill, eliminating the need for a 3/5 quorum, and passed it that way. What makes this extraordinarily slimy is that Governor Walker has insisted from the beginning that the bill’s purpose was to fix the state’s fiscal situation. Now, he and the Wisconsin GOP are implicitly admitting what everyone’s known all along: the bill wasn’t about fixing the budget. It was actually about busting up the unions. Good luck spinning the PR, Walker. You’ve done a bang-up job so far.



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