In Texas, Be a Man (Pt. 2!)

Way back in late July 2010 (it feels so long ago now), when my blog was just starting out and starting to pick up steam, I got a major shout out from Maud at Shakesville, who linked to my post which was a picture of a car in Austin with the license plate that read: “Be a Man.”

I was super thankful for her plug and her definitive, “No, thank you” response to that car’s demand.  She commented a few times on my posts in the first few months of my blogging and just having someone whose writing and analysis I so looked up to comment positively on my posts was a huge ego boost and kept me plugging away.

I was so sad when Melissa McEwan announced in November that Maud had died.

And today, I think Maud would have gotten a kick out of seeing that the “Be A Man” license plate is still haunting my universe.  My partner snapped this photo over the weekend when he took our son out for breakfast here in Austin:


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