Just what UT needs: A “Family Values” Center

From The Daily Texan (UT’s student-run newspaper):

State university campuses with gender and sexuality centers could have to add a “traditional family values center” that receives equal state funding if an amendment to the House Budget Bill from Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, succeeds.

The House passed a version of the budget that included this amendment Sunday. While presenting the amendment, Christian said universities such as UT and A&M would be affected because they have gender and sexuality centers that offer and encourage education about “alternative sexual practices.”

“This is not restricting [alternative sexual practice education],” Christian said. “If they’re going to [offer such education], they have to match the center, the dollars, the mortar and the cost of taxpayer dollars for traditional values. You would be able to go to The University of Texas and A&M and attend their heterosexual gender and sexuality centers.”

Gender and Sexuality Center director Ana Ixchel Rosal said according to her interpretation of the amendment, it will not affect UT since the center’s current $180,000 annual budget is not funded by state dollars.

I wish you could see how HARD I am rolling my eyes right now.  As a commenter to this DT article said:

IF ONLY there were some “safe place” where heterosexuals could go and find acceptance and get away from the persecution by those who don’t “agree” with them. Perhaps, with a “free exchange of ideas” and a program committed to educating the public, heterosexuals can gradually, with hard work, find acceptance in society.

Clearly, this shit goes DIRECTLY against the supposed focus on dwindling the budget (because who needs teachers when we could have a center dedicated to propping up patriarchy, heterosexism, and misogyny!?!?!).  In reality, it’s meant as a scare tactic so that the university shuts down the G&S center instead of funding an additional center.  They didn’t realize, though, that the center doesn’t take money from the state (probably for this exact reason).  They will need to find another way to destroy it, I guess.

According the G&S website, the center exists to serve the women and LGBTQA communities. It provides:

safe spaces for all members of the UT Austin community to explore, organize, and promote learning around issues of gender and sexuality. The center also facilitates a greater responsiveness to the needs of women and the LGBTQ communities through education, outreach and advocacy.

Oh, the horror!!!!

I’m feel so exhausted by everything that is happening right now, both in my backyard and at the federal level.  The GOP hates women, it hates minorities, it hates anyone who isn’t heterosexual, it hates anyone who would ever – gasp! – need some help from the government created to help its citizens.  I’m just tired.


4 thoughts on “Just what UT needs: A “Family Values” Center

  1. I’m thinking this might not go the way Rep. Christian has in mind. Heterosexual college students these days tend to have a lot in common with, and solidarity with, students whose sexuality is different.

    And quite a few of those students have minds of their own and don’t cooperate with being used as tools against each other.

    Or it could end up just being one more place to go for condoms.

  2. I am an enthusiastic support of this measure. I hope to work with this representative to ensure its passage. The Gender and Sexuality Center is outrageous and ought to be shut down.

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