The GOP’s War on, well, EVERYBODY

Today the big news is about the GOP trying to basically phase out Medicare, the program that provides health care to millions of senior citizens in this country. (I say the “big news” because there is so much news right now about all the people the GOP are going after that who the hell can keep track anymore?)

So, just in case you thought that the GOP was only concerned about taking away health care for women (because we know they are REALLY concerned about that), they also don’t want old people or poor people to have any either:

Ryan’s budget proposal aims to slash $6 trillion from the budget over the next 10 years. It would in part accomplish that by changing Medicaid — which serves low-income families — from a government-run insurance program to a system of block grants distributed to states.

Medicare, a government-run health care program for those over 65, would essentially turn into a “premium support” program — the government would essentially provide vouchers for health care, but the funds would go directly to the insurer rather than the consumer. The government would give private health insurers a set amount of money to cover senior citizens. The change to Medicare would go into effect in 2022 under the plan. […]

Liberal economists like Dean Baker argue that Ryan’s plan “does nothing to address our broken health care system while virtually guaranteeing that most seniors will not be able to afford decent health care.”

Who, EXACTLY, are the GOP fighting for at this point?  Who is their constituency?

And there’s this:

What the Republicans are proposing are not cuts. Some level of cuts and/or cost containment in Medicare are necessary because medical inflation is growing so quickly. But these aren’t cuts. They’re using a temporary budget crisis and the need to slow the rate of Medicare costs over long run simply to abolish the program. That’s a bait and switch. It’s the medical side equivalent of the “private accounts” bamboozle that President Bush used in 2005 to try to phase out Social Security.

Medicare is a federally-backed health insurance program for seniors. Why seniors? Because seniors as a group are just too sick for the private health care insurance sector to adequately provide coverage for. To rein in costs you can reduce benefits that the program provides or place more cost containment measures in place. Real pain is involved in both. But that’s a legitimate area for debate. Medicare is a long term budget problem, unlike Social Security which isn’t.

Or you can decide just to abolish the program altogether. Just eliminate Medicare in its entirety. This is what Rep. Ryan (R-WI) calls “fixing” Medicare, i.e., getting rid of it. Getting rid of it means abolishing the program and pushing seniors back into the private health insurance system and providing a subsidy to help pay the costs of your average 75 year old’s health care. If costs go up? Well, start saving now.

This is called abolishing Medicare. But you would not hear this from congressional Democrats or the White House. That’s a bald way to put it but it’s the undeniable truth.

To put it plainly: We Must Destroy Medicare so Charlie Sheen Can Keep His Tax Cut.

Finally, If you are at all convinced that conservatives believe in these Medicare reforms because they AT ALL care about old people, I hope this tweet by uber-garbage spewer herself, Michelle Malkin, will lay that to rest:

It was posted 42 minutes ago and it reads: “It’s impossible to have adult conversation with dependent crybaby Dems clinging to Elmo & old people.”  The link there, it goes to this picture:

YUP – Democrats giving a shit about old people having access to medical care equals us crying like babies over old people.

These are the people influencing the GOP party and clearly having a direct impact on how they do their jobs.

And everyone who isn’t wealthy, everyone who isn’t male, everyone who isn’t already privileged – they are coming after you.  And if you say anything about it or you stand up for your rights, then, well, you are a crybaby.



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