You aren’t righteous.

Crossposted from Keep Your Boehner Out of My Uterus.

On Tumblr, you can allow anonymous people to ask questions or leave comments – I do.  Today I received my now second anti-choice comment and it was a provocative one.  Below is the comment and how I responded:

Anonymous asked: Yay! Help keep murder of innocent babies legal!



I’m actually not an advocate of infanticide.  I think you have the wrong tumblr.

What I am is an advocate of women, of women’s health, of women’s reproductive choices.

What I am is a person who trusts women.

What I am is someone who cares about people’s access to affordable family planning, affordable health care, and affordable contraception.

What I am is a person who knows that outlawing abortions doesn’t stop abortion (in case you hadn’t heard, it’s been around as long as people have been around).

What I am is someone that believes women’s rights are more important than fetus’.

What I am is a person who thinks our attention would be better served by focusing on the children who are actually born and who enter a world where they are denied access to health care, food, housing, whatever because of their race, class, or gender.

What I am is a person more concerned about children being born into families where their parent(s) CHOSE to have them rather than were forced to have them.

What I am is a person who acknowledges that carrying a fetus to term and laboring that child is a dangerous gig and one that shouldn’t be forced on any other person.

What I am is a mother, who made her own CHOICE to carry her pregnancy to term.

What I am is a friend, who knows someone near and dear to her who made the incredibly difficult CHOICE of having a late-term abortion when an ultrasound revealed that the child she was waiting for was actually dying inside of her.

What I am is a friend of someone who got pregnant while married and decided to have an abortion because she had absolutely zero emotional, financial, or psychological support in her marriage and didn’t want to bring her child into that world.

What I am is a person who recognizes that a large number of women in this country will seek out and have abortions, even those who believe it to be “murder”, because when it is suddenly your life, things don’t appear so black and white.  Then everything is a hazy gray.

What I am is a person who recognizes that I will never know how many women in my life, women I love and care for, have had abortions for one reason or another but don’t want to tell me or are ashamed to tell me, because people like you tell them they should be.  The difference between me and you, though, is that my friends and loved ones, they know that if they ever do tell me, they will get a hug and some support instead of hate and some spew about them being a murderer.  I will gladly take the role of the former.

What I am is a person who recognizes that screaming “MURDER” only works if you completely and totally obscure the reality of actual women’s lives, disregard those lives as unimportant, and instead choose to view the world around you from a high-horse that allows you to imagine that you are righteous.

You are not righteous.  You are not sympathetic or empathetic or caring.



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