When I Accidentally Attended a CPC Luncheon

[NB: This was sent to me by a friend who’d like to remain Anonymous as they are writing about their family.]

Last weekend I went to an annual church luncheon with my dad’s wife. She and my dad are very conservative, very religious, very Christian evangelical bible-as-the-literal-yes-LITERAL-word-of-God religious. This is the world where I grew up.

It’s an excruciating affair but usually manageable. Some woman in too much make-up leads us in song over a crappy PA system. A few women in the back sway to the music with one arm raised, their eyes closed. Someone gives their testimony. Church ladies do a skit. Sometimes there’s a fashion show.

But this year the luncheon was different. Yes the room was full of elaborately decorated tables, pouffed up white hair and husbands off to the side in a yearly gesture of domestic service to the women of the church, but there was an undercurrent of anger that I hadn’t heard before. The skit, the sweet ladies on stage, spoke not only of fighting the unbelievers; they were fighting the “enemies”.

I didn’t realize it until the luncheon started but the gathering was held in support of a local pregnancy crisis center. A woman who both went to the church and worked at the center stepped up to the podium to speak. She told us about the center and their mission which is committed to serving their clients “without regard to religious affiliation” however that lack of regard refers solely to their clients’ religious affiliation. The center’s religious affiliation came across loud and clear. They are a service working with God to prevent abortions. This woman believes that God speaks directly to her. Literally. She believes that every time she shows a pregnant woman who is seeking answers about her pregnancy and/or abortion a tiny pair of baby socks – and that woman breaks down in tears – God’s will is done.

Honestly none of this surprised me. My jaw was clenched and my fists were balled but really, it’s pretty typical. What was new, at least in the pastel setting of a ladies lunch, was the anger. This woman used the word “enemies” three times in her short speech. She talked about the people, the non-believers, who did not support their mission.

“They are our enemies. They hate us. They hate babies. They hate the truth.”

She said this.

I don’t even know where to go from here… This is what our lawmakers are forcing women seeking abortions to turn to before they can get an abortion? This is loving and moral? This is Christ-like?

No. This is bullshit.


One thought on “When I Accidentally Attended a CPC Luncheon

  1. This is ridiculous .. . I know my church which is strongly christian official stance on abortion is only okay when it endangers the life of the child or the mother also in instances of rape and incest. I my self firmly believe that people should be able to chose in instances of rape or incest or if it endangers the life of the mother . but also if they are not financial,emotionally physically able to provide for a child love it and raise it as in cases when a mother is single, has no family support, or is mentally unstable.. .I have seen the fact of the matter where a women who should have had an abortion brings a child into the world only to have it be taken away by the state child services ,where they get taken from home to home and not loved . People who advocate oh well its better than the child not be given a chance to live don’t understand the fact that the child might not ever get adopted or have a chance at a healthy quote on quote “normal” life. Thousands of children in foster care will graduate high school ,if they graduate at all with no place to live ,no one who cares and will be emotionaly scarred by the fact they never had any real parents. think about that a long time pro-lifers .

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