Crash course on what counts as slavery

Since the Paul father and son duo can’t seem to stop using slavery as the metaphor they use to talk about their dislike of the government providing social services to the needy, I propose a crash course on what actually counts as slavery.

Slavery is slavery.

Human bondage is slavery.

Human chattel is slavery.

The absence of personhood, humanity, and citizenship is slavery.

Violence and death are slavery.

That’s it.

You’re welcome.

I hope this means we can stop talking about slavery as anything other than slavery. If nothing else, do it for the enslaved – those people who were exploited for centuries in this country, brutally beaten and raped, and who died in numbers too large to comprehend. Do it for the millions of people around the world who are currently enslaved right now at this moment.

When you call Social Security or Universal healthcare slavery, you erase all those peopl, all the enslaved from the books. They were/are the enslaved, Pauls. You are lucky you will never know what it means to be them.


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