This is what Rape Culture looks like

16-Year-Old Girl Who Challenged Bachmann To Debate Receiving Threats Of Violence, Rape (via ThinkProgress):

You’re never too young to learn that, as a woman, challenging the status quo (even if said quo seems outrageous and worthy of challenge) is a dangerous thing, not just politically or economically or socially but physically.  And those that threaten you will never hesitate to remind you that you can be raped.

Also, there’s this:

The 16-year-old from Cherry Hill says several commenters have called her a “whore.”

It’s such useful language when trying to attack a teenage girl – she asserts her intellect, people respond by making charges about her sexual purity, AS IF THOSE TWO THINGS ARE LINKED IN ANY WAY EXCEPT THAT SHE IS FEMALE.

I hope this doesn’t make her scared to assert herself in the future.  I hope this doesn’t affect other young girls when they want to take a stand.  But I’m also not naive.


One thought on “This is what Rape Culture looks like

  1. Sad, and disturbing. Unfortunately that’s still the state of things, and all the more reason why we must continue to challenge the status quo, no matter what they throw at us. Good post.

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